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Honeydew Agent

An intelligent scheduling agent

Design Goals

  • Design an intelligent agent to support natural meeting negotiation.
  • Embrace the framework of social relationships between participants.
  • Capture design ideas from the entire lifespan of meeting negotiation.

Research & Evaluation

Heuristic Evaluation
Cognitive Walkthrough
Keystroke-Level Modeling
Contextual Inquiry
Think-Aloud Usability

More About this Project

For this project, I investigated user needs in the realm of meeting negotiation. The common scenario we were trying to improve is when participants repeatedly send e-mails back and forth in order to determine an optimal meeting time. We designed a new interface which provides an intelligent agent to communicate with others via email to perform this negotiation more efficiently. In order to understand the workflow and artifacts used to negotiate meetings, we conducted contextual inquiries and formulated models using Beyer and Holtzblatt's contextual design process. We identified important issues which informed our design including: social status, trust, desire for control, and heterogeneity in user preferences. To evaluate our design, I performed think-aloud usability test with a paper prototype. I also employed heuristic evaluation, cognitive walkthroughs and keystroke-level modeling to improve our interface.

Additional Info

2 months in 2006 for Carnegie Mellon University

Myself and 4 other team members

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