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Kahvi Network Viz

A method for visualizing relationship changes in social networks

Design Goals

  • Visualize relationship changes in social networks over time.
  • Explore novel interaction techniques.
  • Build a functional proof-of-concept prototype.
  • Leverage existing off-the-shelf or open source software where possible.

Research & Evaluation

Literature Review
Think-Aloud Usability

More About this Project

I developed a proof-of-concept visualization for social networks, which our team called Kahvi. Unlike other network visualizations, Kahvi focuses on showing how relationships change over time. We felt that adding the dimension of time gives the user a unique perspective of their social network activities. My work included both iterative design exploration and application development. I conducted informal think-aloud studies with potential users. My development efforts focused on defining a data scheme for the network activities data as well as obtaining Facebook data via their API. Our visualization application uses the Java prefuse toolkit to create a dynamic visualization.

Additional Info

4 weeks in 2007 for Carnegie Mellon University

Myself and 2 other team members

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