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Popcorn Mobile Movies

Movies on the go for teenage girls

Design Goals

  • Create a product which meets the opportunistic needs of moviegoers in a mobile context.
  • Effectively display information on a small screen.
  • Specify efficient jumping highlight navigation with appropriate feedback and feedforward.
  • Design an appropriate user experience for the expected context of use.

Research & Evaluation

Literature Review
Personas and Scenarios
Navigational Map

More About this Project

This project involved designing a product for support going to the movies on a mobile device. We identified teenage girls as our primary target users and defined a persona named Monica. Monica helped guide our design process through the definition of a detailed scenario. We used a scenario involving her and her friends to create a design which met the needs of their very busy and active lifestyles. Our solution helps users go beyond determining which movies are playing at nearby cinemas by supporting the complexities of communication and negotiation. My role included the creation of icons as well as the creation of a final prototype walkthrough in Flash.

Additional Info

4 weeks in 2007 for Carnegie Mellon University

Myself and 2 other team members

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