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Cooking Connection

A personalized recipe website centered around event planning

Design Goals

  • Identify a set of underlying user needs for recipe management.
  • Design a personalized online experience.
  • Connect online transaction to larger life goals.
  • Develop a site flow and design from a detailed mental model.

Research & Evaluation

Mood Board
Competitive Analysis
Brick and Mortar Observation

More About this Project

I designed a concept and prototype for a personalized recipe website. We created a mood board to define the feeling and emotions the product should evoke in users. This also helped us define a design language of colors, vocabulary and layout that was appropriate. To define the flow and major features, we conducted in-field research with users who were shopping at local farmers markets. In addition, we conducted extensive competitive analysis to understand market opportunities. I evolved the design from sketches to wireframes to a medium-fidelity working prototype. We used an iterative approach to define a concept which joins traditional recipe management with event planning. The final design resonated extremely well with our target audience.

Additional Info

3 weeks in 2007 for Carnegie Mellon University

Myself and 2 other team members

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