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Go Now Rideshare

A ubiquitous approach to just-in-time ride sharing

Design Goals

  • Enhance users' abilities to coordinate shared activities.
  • Support decisions for just-in-time activities.
  • Design a ubiquitous solution that fits into various contexts.

Research & Evaluation

Literature Review
Diary Study
Online Survey
Directed Storytelling with Map
Scenario Testing
Video Sketch

More About this Project

I created a concept for a just-in-time ride coordination system with two other designers. We employed a variety of explorative design techniques to identify user needs. I designed and distributed a diary study to collect information at the point of decision making related to ridesharing. I also conducted a custom-designed map think-aloud activity with potential users. We also used directed storytelling to better understand why users carpool and what factors influence their decision making. Our final solution takes three forms which we chose to present in a video sketch which illustrates Go Now in an office setting.

Additional Info

1 months in 2007 for Carnegie Mellon University

Myself and 2 other team members