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Redesign of blogger.com authoring and editing features

Design Goals

  • Redesign the authoring interface of the blogger.com services.
  • Fully document rationale for major design decisions from user research data.
  • Deliver a comprehensive report with usability findings and redesign recommendation.
  • Clearly articulate trade-offs of the recommended design.

Research & Evaluation

Think-Aloud Usability
Heuristic Evaluation
Contextual Design Modeling
Cognitive Walkthrough
Keystroke-Level Modeling

More About this Project

The main goal of this 4-month project was to redesign blogger.com's authoring and editing user interface. We utilized the contextual design process to develop a design concept based on user research data. This data included contextual inquiry analysis and modeling, heuristic evaluation, cognitive walkthroughs, keystroke-level modeling as well as think-aloud usability studies. I conducted and analyzed all these sources of data to create a new solution for blog authoring. Our design shifted blog authoring to the offline world in the form as a desktop application. This final design improved the user experience by better meeting user expectations, leveraging existing knowledge, appropriately separating mental models, and emphasizing data persistence.

Additional Info

4 months in 2007 for Carnegie Mellon University

Myself and 3 other team members

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