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easyMed Agent

A smart home system for increasing medication compliance

Design Goals

  • Design a smart home device that saves time and/or labor related to nursing.
  • Select appropriate target users for an effective design pitch.
  • Consider proactivity and anticipation.
  • Create an appropriate design form to support the underlying task.
  • Investigate the relevant social interactions in the home.

Research & Evaluation

Literature Review
Directed Storytelling
Competitive Analysis
Scenario Testing
Storyboard and Scenarios
Video Sketch

More About this Project

I designed a smart home system to help people who take medications increase their compliance. With two other designers, I created a final solution which addresses key needs identified through user research. Our research began by exploring literature on medication compliance. I conducted directed storytelling to learn the intricacies and emotions involved with this sensitive subject. Next, the user needs we discovered were used to generate over 50 concepts. From these concepts we created storyboards of about 10 scenarios which were evaluated with users in groups. In these groups we discovered that trust, support and empowerment were central to a successful design. This scenario testing activity also helped us validate our design decision. We finalized our design concept by creating a video sketch showing the product in use.

Additional Info

4 weeks in 2007 for Carnegie Mellon University

Myself and 2 other team members

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