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Jigsaw Clean

Keep business and contact information up-to-date with the power of Jigsaw.

Design Goals

  • Provide awareness of differences between Salesforce data and crowd-sourced Jigsaw data.
  • Give users an easy way to compare and choose preferred data.
  • Consider mechanisms for letting users rate or flag bad data to improve data quality for the crowd.
  • Explore and pitch future concepts for additional integrations of Jigsaw data into Salesforce accounts and contacts.

Research & Evaluation

Design Studio
User Interviews
User Survey
Think-Aloud Usability
Heuristic Evaluation

More About this Project

I designed and evaluated an initial version of the Jigsaw Clean product (now Data.com Clean) for Salesforce users. This product provided an extremely high value for sales users to easily "clean" their CRM data with only a few clicks. Key features included a comparison overlay as well as field-level indications when data was different between Salesforce and Jigsaw. Important parts of my design process for this project included: sketching, facilitating team design studio sessions, building 2 high-fidelity prototypes, evaluating designs in usability testing, developing personas, heuristic evaluation, and interpretation of user survey results.

Additional Info

4 months in 2011 for Salesforce

Myself and 4 other team members

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