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Chatter Onboarding

Salesforce Chatter designs for registration, invitation, and email features.

Design Goals

  • Create a streamlined registration process for users signing up for a new or existing Chatter network.
  • Design a viral invitation feature for users to invite others to join Chatter.
  • Validate the design is usable on desktop and primary mobile devices.
  • Support marketing efforts for chatter.com launch at SuperBowl XLV (2011).

Research & Evaluation

Competitive Analysis
Design Studio
Task Sequence Analysis
Think-Aloud Usability
Conversion Analysis

More About this Project

As part of the Chatter and chatter.com product launches in 2010 and 2011, I worked to create a seamless onboarding experience for new users. This project included multiple features around this theme such as registration forms, invitations, and associated emails. My early design work focused on a close examination of consumer social networking registration flows. I collaborated closely throughout the design process, brainstorming through personas and scenarios with the extended team. I built 4 different interactive prototypes at various stages of fidelity to solicit feedback from users in 6 different user studies.

Additional Info

1 year in 2009 for Salesforce

Myself and 6 other team members

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