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Radiology PACS

Next generation Radiology Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS)

Design Goals

  • Conduct usability analysis of existing RA-1000 PACS.
  • Communicate insights into workflow and system usage to clients.
  • Design a next-generation PACS design from user research data.
  • Deliver a working prototype of next-generation PACS.

Research & Evaluation

Directed Storytelling
Competitive Analysis
Scenario Testing
Storyboard and Scenarios
Video Sketch
Literature Review

More About this Project

This 9 month project involved the complete redesign of GE Healthcare's PACS used by radiologists and technicians. I worked with 5 other designers and researchers to conduct contextual inquiries of over 12 clinicians. In addition, I contributed to 140 usability findings reports to GE Healthcare on their existing RA-1000 PACS product. These findings were utilized to improve the usability of the next PACS release. My main role involved the creation of a functional prototype using Microsoft Expression. This prototype showcased our new design which had several themes: improved efficiency, reduction of visual clutter, simple search, and better communication support.

Additional Info

9 months in 2007 for GE Healthcare

Myself and 5 other team members

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